Freon R32 Refill Is More Expensive

Freon R32 has a “weakness” that is in addition to being more flammable even though it cannot make the AC explode or cause a fire, the Freon R32 gas pressure is also much higher than that of Freon R22 or R410A. This causes the installation of AC to use a copper pipe which has a MINIMUM thickness of 0.6mm. Meanwhile, you may want to call the trusted aircon service singapore if you want to save more budget in refilling the freon of your AC.

Well, pipes circulating in several countries have a lot of brands. For standard brands like the Arctic, the most commonly used so far by stores and air conditioners have a thickness of 0.5mm which CANNOT be used to install AC using Freon R32.

The high gas pressure, if you use a pipe with a thickness below 0.6mm it will DEFINITELY leak smoothly and in the first 2 or 3 months the use of AC freon in the compressor will definitely run out. And if this happens, both Panasonic and Daikin will NOT be responsible (because of mistakes not on the factory), the most customers who fight with the installer or the shop where they buy the air conditioner if they are determined to use pipes with a thickness below 0.6mm for installation The air conditioner.

For the installation of air conditioning with Freon R32, it still MUST be vacuumed in the pipeline at LESS 10-15 minutes or until the needle in the manifold gauge is below the number 0 which indicates that there is no more air left in the pipe. This is to prevent any speck of dust or moisture from sticking to the walls of the copper pipe. Because compressor oil that uses R32 Freon is very sensitive to water vapor, if you, well, your AC installer doesn’t do it, even though you use the most expensive pipes in some countries.

The length of time for the Vacuum process also depends on the size of the Vacuum device. Basically, the needle in the manifold when Vacuum must show a line below the number 0, or -30inHG. That means there is no air at all along the pipeline. So it’s NOT a decisive time but the needle in the manifold determines.

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