Here Are Some Ways To Remove Dust On Fur Rugs

You certainly know that carpets have many types. You might have some type of carpet at home. Carpet is one of the most popular accessories carpet cleaner. The existence of a carpet in a room can make the room more comfortable and more beautiful. For that, you have to use the right carpet in every room in your house. You also have to clean your carpet regularly. You can use services from Carpet Cleaning North Shore so that the cleanliness of your carpet can always be maintained.

One type of carpet that is difficult to clean is a fur carpet. There is a lot of fiber on the fur carpet so you have to clean it carefully. These are some of the right ways to clean fur rugs.

Clean the dust on the surface of the fur carpet
– Clean with a Vacuum Cleaner
To clean the dust on this small carpet, we clean it on two sides. Namely the upper side and the lower side. To clean the hairy top, we should cover it with a cloth so that the carpet’s fur is not damaged by the vacuum cleaner straw. If the bottom side is not necessary to coat it with a cloth.

– Brush with a soft brush
We can also clean the fur carpet using a soft brush, don’t brush very hard. If the brush is very hard it is feared that it will damage the fur or rug on the carpet. Brush with a soft brush to clean hair and pet hair.

– Immediately Clean Your Carpet If Affected by Stains
Suppose your child is drinking milk then the glass falls so that it contaminates the carpet. Immediately clean it with a wet cloth or a chamois. Because if it is not immediately cleaned, liquid or food stains will crust on the carpet and can become a nest for viruses or bacteria.

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