Most Millenials Don’t Like To Visit Nightclubs

There was a research which stated that millennials don’t like to visit nightclubs. From the 196 respondents, 131 prefer to spend time at home rather than to the nightclub. 70 stated that they were less interested in clubs, only 45 said otherwise — not all respondents answered this question. Aside from that, if you’re under 21, perhaps you need to make a scannable fake id if you want to visit a club.

“Why should you cram into a sweat scent club, limited to one meaningless activity, if I can do more things at home with less money and with far greater cultural value?” said Lucy, 25, from London Why aren’t young people today interested in clubs? 98 said that their generation was less interested in meeting face to face with new acquaintances because there were already social media, only 33 others were quite interested.

“I think nightclubs make a headache, with all the noise and noise and crowds,” said Dave, 19, from York. “It’s much easier and more convenient for me to talk to acquaintances on Skype or Facebook rather than forcing myself into situations that don’t comfortable and scary. “

Ashley, a 21-year-old girl who lives in London has security reasons. “As a girl, going to a club can be very annoying and sometimes frightening if you constantly have to avoid drunk people who might try to take advantage of you,” he said. “I don’t have to worry about that if not to the club.”

In recent years, hundreds of clubs in London have gone bankrupt, even in all parts of the world, there have been major changes in the nightlife scene. People’s visits to bars and nightclubs continue to decline in recent years and are predicted to continue to dip sharply. Nightclubs are slowly being abandoned. The benefits of liquor sales are decreasing and their overall income is declining.

The night entertainment industry in the United States is now bleeding. More than 10,000 bars closed in the past decade — the peak in 2014, 6 days closed. According to the US Nightlife Association, around 6,500-night clubs reduce operating hours. Atlantic City was on the verge of bankruptcy after 12 of its casinos went bankrupt last year.

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