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You Must Get Maximum Result When You Build Muscle Mass

Muscle growth is a side effect of the repair process that occurs after your fast twitch muscle fibers work hard nitric oxide. So, to get that effect, the amount of exercise you do is important. You have to do a few movements so the muscles will grow but depend on the training session you are doing. If you train the whole body, maybe you need about 8 types of exercises. While if your practice only targets one part of the body, you may only need to do 4 types of exercises or less. If you only do a little type of exercise on one whole, you should increase the number of sets proportionally. The consumption of nitric oxide supplements can be added to your list so you get a better result.

You can do a total of 70 repetitions or more per training session. The average number of repetitions for each set is 8 to 12. That’s because to achieve growth conditions, muscle fibers need enough pressure. Muscles must continue to be under pressure for 40-70 seconds on each set. It looks like it’s been a long time. If you lower the load for 2 to 4 seconds, you must hold it for 1 to 2 seconds. Furthermore, you lift it for 1 second. Lifting weights for less than 40 seconds will give you functional strength but will not increase muscle size.

You don’t need to practice for hours to achieve great results. In fact, the current trend is a short training trend. It is possible to reduce training time by cutting your rest time. You may not make the pressure on your muscles decrease. You still have to do reps that make your muscles work hard enough. Try targeting the duration of your exercise to reach 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of muscle groups being trained and the intensity of the exercise. If you practice more than 60 minutes, the effect of the exercise will decrease. Your sugar levels go down and cortisol levels go up, both of them make the quality of the exercise and the chances of your muscle growth drop.