These Are Two Beaches In Miami That Is Visited By Many Tourists

Miami is famous for its beautiful beaches. There are many tourists who visit Miami to enjoy the beauty of the beach. When you are on vacation in Miami, you also have to stay at a comfortable inn. You can stay at the villas in miami fl.

There are many beaches that you can visit in Miami. These are two of the most visited beaches for tourists.

Lummus Park Beach
Enjoying Miami is not only possible in South Beach. Lummus Park Beach is also interesting to be a beautiful tourist destination. You will find a typical view of Miami beach there. In addition, there are many hotels and parks that can be your main accommodation when visiting there.

South Beach
This beach Has white beach sand and blue sea, you will see many tourists who relax, sunbathe, even surf there. Interestingly, this beach has a background in the form of a magnificent view of the city.

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