This Is How The CNC Machine Works

Along with technological developments in manufacturing (product manufacturing), manual machining processes have begun to be replaced by automatic machining processes. Even though in some countries the manual machining process is more often used due to cost effects. Automatic machining is more widely used by large-scale industries that demand the speed of production and precision of production. One of the automatic machining tools that are often used in various industries is CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. Additionally, if the ball screws of your CNC machine are broken, perhaps you need to hire the most trusted our website company.

CNC machines can be used to make various types of product “profiles”. This machine has many advantages including:

Reducing production time.
Reducing the risk of human error.
Reducing labor costs.
High reliability (long lasting).
Flexible in changing the design of a product.
Reducing scrap (production waste).
High accuracy.

Actually, the work steps in making products using CNC machines are almost the same as manufacturing machines in general, but there are additional controls from the computer in regulating the movement of the machine.

Conventional Programming

Conventional programming is the simplest method of managing CNC machines. When writing a programming language, we only enter parameters that correspond to each machining cycle. It is enough to specify the coordinates of the prefix and adjust the movement through the code according to the manual on the CNC machine. Coordinate settings are the most important thing in this method.

CAM Programming

In this method, the user must import (retrieve) data from the part model that has been made towards the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) program and define the parameters associated with each feature on the model that has been made. Simply put, the user must draw the model in 3 dimensions first, then import the data to the CAM program that is connected to the CNC machine. After that, define each part of the part so that it can be read by a CNC machine and proceed with the machining process.

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