Try 1300 Numbers And Get Your Business Deal Get More Profit

1300 Numbers or Local Level Number is the dialing route dialing number. They divert calls to your predetermined landline or cellphone number. The main benefit of the number is that customers who call your Local Tariff Number are only charged local rates regardless of their geographical position. So 1,300 numbers are very useful for business companies, educational institutions, and many other organizations that need more customers to call them.

It offers many routing and customization options for your size, location and type of business. You can choose one or more destination numbers based on the location of your caller or when the call is made. You can also choose further diverts to other numbers when your first choice is busy or doesn’t answer.

There are the main routing options that you can adjust when setting your 1300 number and can also request changes later. This Routing option allows you to direct all landline calls made from Australia to a single destination number. Country-based routing options in number 1300 direct calls made from different states to answering points in their respective states. As an example; calls made from NSW land numbers will be directed to your office in NSW and from the state of Victoria to an office in Victoria. This option is very helpful when your business has offices in more than one country. Calls made from various regions to number 1300 will be directed to the answering point in the area by setting region-based routing.

1300 Numbers is useful if your business has an office or call center in many regions of the country. There are a total of 58 regions, for example, routes based on Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Gosford. Mobile is the only option for directing calls made from mobile phones to several answering points depending on the location of the cellular caller. Without this routing option, mobile calls are directed to a default answer point. There are 203 areas where you can divert cellular calls. In each area, you can have two answering points – one for cell phone calls and another for land calls. Exchange-based routing provides the greatest level of detail about the call collection area.

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