Use LED Bulb Now

Few people know that LEDs have a better level of security than other types of lights. h11 led bulb conversion kit hardly emit heat, in contrast to other types of lights that use 90% of the power to emit heat. A small voltage can also minimize the risks associated with electricity use.

Compared to other lights, LED bulbs use far less electrical power. According to various studies, LED bulbs can increase energy efficiency by up to 70 percent so it will save electricity costs due to reduced household electricity usage. Thanks to the consumption of a low-power LED bulb, now a number of vehicle vendors are busy installing LEDs as an alternative to other light bulbs because it can effectively save electricity consumed.

Another fact related to the LED bulb is its high durability when compared to other types of lights. With average usage of 50,000-100,000 hours, this bulb becomes 30 times more durable than incandescent bulbs or 10 times more durable than energy saving lamps or CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp).

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