You Should Know These Tips To Maintain Electrical Installation At Home

Maintenance of electrical installations is very necessary so that electricity at home can be used optimally, but it is also useful to maintain the safety of its inhabitants from undesirable things such as fire hazards. Aside from that, you may want to hire the residential electrician columbia sc if your electrical installation at home is damaged.

The following are things that will help you to care about and help maintain Electrical Installation:

Make sure the electrical installation in your house/building has been installed properly, correctly and safely and uses electrical materials that are guaranteed quality and according to their capacity.

Use household electronic equipment that is adjusted to the connected power and capacity of the installed electrical installation cable.

Perform routine checks, at least once a year to ascertain whether electrical installations are still feasible to use or need to be rehabilitated.

If the electrical installation has been installed for more than 5 (five) years, it should be necessary to be rehabilitated. This is to keep the electrical installation suitable for use and prevent the possibility of things that are not desirable.

Tips to Prevent Electrical Hazards

Use an electric circuit breaker (Fuse) that matches the connected power, do not overload or reduce.

If necessary, ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker) is now replaced by GFI (ground fault interrupter) or RCD (residual-current device). This tool functions to disconnect if there is an electric leak or if someone is electrocuted.

Do not stack the socket on one power source.

Do not allow electrical wires installed in the house to be peeled off or left open.

Also pay attention to keep electrical appliances at home out of reach of children such as electrical sockets, switches, and electrical cables.

Use electrical material that has guaranteed quality and is labeled National Standard.

Trim the trees on the yard if you are approaching or touching the electricity network.

Avoid installing television antennas too high so they can approach or touch the electricity network.

If you need to install electricity at home, register with the state electricity company and do not try to illegally source from another source.

Finally, don’t try to tamper with the KWH Meter to manipulate electricity bills.

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